2v5 Geos everytime (traya + sion)

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this might get moved elsewhere, but i really want to make this post here in the strategy section because i find it super important for gacs. this is a vid i made and what ive found to be the best way of modding your team to ensure you able to 2v5 everytime without fail. i also go into other ways around it if you can't 2v5 and most importantly not using DN and saving him elsewhere (like a EP team)

[vid link at bottom of post]

Modding (order of importance)


* high speed

* high hp

* CA arrow


* High hp

* CA arrow

If your Sion goes first you aoe pain and force hits onto him which generate his hatred quicker. On top of that you need high hp to withstand all the hits,especially from g13 bugs. CA arrow to negate spy crits on specials.


This works every time vs g12 spy teams

vs g13 spy you’d need around 55-60k hp to survive his special

https://www.youtube.com/c/ltsjustlan l Roster ~ swgoh.gg/p/479461123


  • I do like it but the modding of traya could be an issue since you have to have her with little speed before you even know if your opponents will have a good geo squad and then it takes away traya from her being effective against other squads. If you had her modded with 230 speed, would this still work? Cause then I'll have all bases covered
  • if you can manage to get her that fast with good hp itll work just fine. most important is sions modding.
    https://www.youtube.com/c/ltsjustlan l Roster ~ swgoh.gg/p/479461123
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