I'm scared of relics



  • I'm eagerly waiting to see what the devs have to say about the storm of posts regarding the new p2w gear. I am sure they expected this exact thing to happen, regardless they should at least comment on it, I'm curious to see their perspective in all of this, like when Carrie came out with the tip of the spear comment about Malak.

    It's sad when an otherwise smart implementation of progression is overshadowed by greed and massive paywalls. I feel sorry for what's happened to the game.
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    Do you not think they don't have data scientists on staff who did this analysis? Or do you really think you know more and that's why so many posts? It'll be fine.

    1). You only need 5 arena characters. FTP will catch up to that soon enough.

    2). PVE content becomes easier for everyone.

    3). GAC. You play people loosely similar to you. Don't relic CUP first and you'll be a step ahead of the game. Maybe relics will give the increased GP boost people are looking for.

    4). Having progression available to top accounts allows them focus on new and mid-game player improvements. This is good for the game overall.

    Be happy, not sad OP.

    Data scientists don't mean anything btw, they just make it worse off for the f2p

    So they should hire you as a consultant? Is your price reasonable?

    I'd make a less profitable game

    And you just failed your interview, sorry.

    Also I disagree it would be more fun.

    Because being stuck behind infinite gearwalls is as fun as it gets

    That's a you issue. I'm not stuck, and you don't have to be. You choose to be stuck by the choices you make.

    I mean, unless you are a kraken, you are of course stuck behind a more or less infinite gearwall. Heck I'm at 5.2 and feel stuck behind an infinite gear wall.

    It doesn't have anything to do with choices, it's just reality.

    That's just how you've chosen to look at it.

    I mean your free to deny reality all you want in your quest to shill for EA.
  • Here's my take on relics

    They won't break the game. Those that are competitive in arena will remain so. To be competitive in most shards, you already needed g13. I'm ftp and managed that fine. In the first day, I took my whole arena team to lvl 1 with excess gear and hk to level 2 and darth revan to level 3. Sure there will be whales that go higher. But I'm pretty sure a relic lvl 3 darth revan can still win against a relic lvl 7 one. And if not it'll only be a short while to get the whole team to relic level 7. Cantina energy seems to be the bottle neck.

    Many are complaining because the gp goes up a lot. The same people complained that g13 didn't add enough. The result will be for gac, players that put a level 7 relic on their teams will have higher gp. Since that character would be in the top 80 of their roster the higher gp will result in getting matched against others with similarity high gp. Sounds like cg actually listened on this one. So there shouldn't be a lot of people with a relic at lvl 7 being matched with people with no g13. Unless they have very few maxed characters and the rest at g7 or something crazy.

    I believe it was a mistake to put the signal data on only select nodes for cantina energy. It disproportionately hirts newer players that are still farming characters in cantina and cg has stated they want to help them catch up. A better solution would be to to either put signal data on any cantina node (eg the lower level on lower energy nodes and the higher on higher energy nodes. That way you could farm both. Or like mods make a dedicated energy for it and have it on it's own table.
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