Which bounty hunters should I use to get Chewie? I know I need Bossk, Boba, and Dengar. I was thinking Jango and either Cad or Greedo but what would you guys recommend? Also, Jango and Bossk are only up to 5*, maybe they will be 6* when the event comes around though. So I’m only planning on getting him at 5 or 6 stars this time.

Also what is the minimum Gear requirement?


  • Greedo.... mod him for crit chance, but Jango maybe better in the long run. I didn't have Jango when I unlocked the OG carpet
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    You’ll hear a lot about Bossk leader and Dengar as absolutely necessary. BUT just FYI it can be done sans those two. Granted it took some good RNG and G12, but I got Chewie with Embo lead, the Fetts, Greedo, and Cad Bane. Zeta on Boba and Embo, both of which are not that helpful for this event at all. Took around 8-10 tries.
  • Personally I'd suggest getting the Bounty Hunters that also have Ships to do double duty getting the Falcon.

    Boba, Bossk, IG-88, Cad Bane......... And then add Dengar in 5th place for stopping R2's invis smoke.

    Possible add on Jango since he shares the same node as Xanadu, Cad's ship

    Also depends on your current roster.

    If you have a different BH that is already leveled/starred then use them, but the above 5/6 seem to be the most "efficient" way of getting him.

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