Which bounty hunters should I use to get Chewie? I know I need Bossk, Boba, and Dengar. I was thinking Jango and either Cad or Greedo but what would you guys recommend? Also, Jango and Bossk are only up to 5*, maybe they will be 6* when the event comes around though. So I’m only planning on getting him at 5 or 6 stars this time.

Also what is the minimum Gear requirement?


  • Greedo.... mod him for crit chance, but Jango maybe better in the long run. I didn't have Jango when I unlocked the OG carpet
  • trevyclause
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    You’ll hear a lot about Bossk leader and Dengar as absolutely necessary. BUT just FYI it can be done sans those two. Granted it took some good RNG and G12, but I got Chewie with Embo lead, the Fetts, Greedo, and Cad Bane. Zeta on Boba and Embo, both of which are not that helpful for this event at all. Took around 8-10 tries.
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