Ship: Rebels Fleet Assist

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if the question seem to be stupid, it might actually is lol, but I want to understand the assist mechanism for the Rebel Fleet (Ackbar Capital Ship w Millenium Falcon).

I just can't seem to find out why my opponent that have Ackbar lead with Rebels, keep hammering me with several assist.

Just got hit 3 times: Ghost first hit, Millenium Assist (The Falcon has a 50% chance to assist whenever another Rebel ally uses an ability during their turn, I get this assist) and Ghost attack again... WHY

Also see regularly Millenium hitting me with his basic than another (sometime even 2) Rebel assist...

I do not see anywhere in the rebels ship KIT (Biggs and/or Phoenix) an explanation for so many assist.

I even got hit up to 4 attacks back to back (assist) and it was not after Ackbar defiant volley ability.

Help me understand this and once again, sorry if it's a stupid question.


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