Scavenger gear slider needs help

The slider is on the wrong side of the screen, it should be on the scrap side so we can pick how many pieces of scrap we want to make, or at the very least it should be on both sides. If I want to make 140 pieces of scrap I have to keep guessing how many gear pieces to put in to get there.


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    Wait, doesnt that tell you how many scrap points you get per piece, and how many points per scrap? Its not a guessing game, its easy math. 140*45/4=1575 pieces scrapped, 1574 if you account for the 4 poimts you already have, base don the screen shot

    Of course, I could be miss understanding that layout, since I have no G13s yet and thus have no ability to experiment with scrap stuff
  • Maybe, but why math when they could just add a slider to the other side so I can just say, "Make me X of those."?
  • Maybe, but why math when they could just add a slider to the other side so I can just say, "Make me X of those."?

    I mean, its a potential QoL upgrade, but not needed for an initial release. Besides, I have to ask if increasing the number scrapped by one without hitting accept increments that bar on the right, meaning that it might not be showing how many points you have now, but rather how many points you'll have if you hit accept. Int hat case, it would tell you exactly how many you get based on how much you select
  • Agreed +1 good QOL feature
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  • It's a bit of a clumsy interface for sure. Even if you slide the left slider, the right value doesn't update until you let go. And if you try to drag the thumb again, it jumps to where you pressed rather than having some gravity to the thumb. So then you try using +/- buttons, which you can't hold to rapidly repeat, then you accidentally miss the - button that one time and close the entire dialog. Start all over.

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  • Yup, the whole thing is very clumsy.
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    CaptainRex wrote: »
    Agreed +1 good QOL feature

    it would also be nice to be able to tap it and just type in a number in either box. there is a "need" to be accurate in both of them at one point or another.
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