Help me build my squad

This is my current state of this game. I’m curious if anybody could help me out in creating a proper squad that could run deep with my current toons. Haven’t been able to progress as quickly as expected and wouldn’t mind a few tips from pros! I’m level 72 and have 3* LS/DS battles, Tier 5 starter Guild. Galactic War 5x completion total. Current Squad, Darth Vader (leader), Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, Luminara Unduli, and Grand Moff Tarkin. udi9hj1hnld3.png


  • First tip: find a real guild
    Second tip: go to and make a profile.
  • First tip: find a real guild
    Second tip: go to and make a profile.

    Done and done
  • If you want to win I'd recommend farming old republic as revan, ds and ls, is still king. Or you can try to predict the meta switch and go for 501st, separatists, or padme.
    Whichever team you choose dont do half measures. Finish it out as far as you can. One strong team will be more useful than 5 weaker ones.
    Once you have a 7* character, finding a guild that will help you build up g12/13 materials, zetas, and han/gk/traya shards will also go a long way if you can do it early.
    As far as your current arena team. With what you have, I'd say your best bet at improvement is to replace sidious (basically useless character) and lumi (jedi and useless) with deathtrooper and sith trooper.
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