Stupid mod question

So I'm still getting a handle on them and this seems like it should be obvious but is eluding me. When you get a mod of a certain set, like a speed mod, but has no speed on primary or secondary stats, does it still give speed just from being a speed mod?


  • Only if you get a full set. I think Speed needs a set of 4. So you'd need a set of four mods, then it will give you the first speed bonus. Then upgrade them all to level 15 to get the second bonus.

    And I think the bonus is only based on the toons base amount and not any secondary amounts.
  • Type of mod just works for set bonus, got it. Thanks!
  • Type of mod just works for set bonus, got it. Thanks!

    Note that:
    * Speed, Crit Damage & Offense require 4 mods for a set while the other types require only 2 per set and
    * there is a second, higher bonus when every mod in a set is lvl 15

    There is a little area labeled 'Set bonuses' under your mod loadout area on the character modding screen. Click/tap on it and you will get a popup window with more info.
  • Speed shows up as a primary stat only on arrows, but can show up as a secondary stat on any of the mods. Place 4 mods of the speed set onto a character to get the set bonus.
  • Yeah I know, I was just using speed as an example. Could have been health, protection, or crit avoidance. And the set bonus bit answered my question, thanks!
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