Quality of Life Suggestion - Store Refresh Times & Energy Bonuses


So in the 5 months I've been playing the game, one of the really negative things I've discovered is the shear amount of time each day you have to log in to "get the most" from everything in the game.

Stores Refresh at 5 different times a day for anyone needing to see them all if you are farming something from them. You need to be able to log in from 5:50am-ish to 9:10pm-ish to see them all.

Literally the entire waking hours of most people.

This doesn't even count the 5PM - 7PM entire 2 hour span you are on for your 2 arena payouts.

As I understand it, the spread out rewards & refresh bonuses were all designed when the game was new to keep players engaged early on & not loose interest.

I think we are WELL past that point now & its just a chore to check them at all hours of the day/night.

So here is my suggestion, and I don't think the coding would be a huge change from what is already existing in place.

1. Stop the automated refreshes at 6-12-6-9-12 each day. (Might improve game performance?)
2. Add in 4 "0-Crystal" refreshes to each store before you hit the 50-Crystal & up price increases.

That's it, people can now log in for Arena & in between fights they can go & buy everything in each store & refresh it 4x to see what would normally be there 4x a day.

Walla, cut down log in time from 17 hours a day to 2.


Along this same theme is the 3x a day we have to log in for the bonus energy at 12-6-9 that all expire in 2 hours & you loose out if your in a movie, or a work meeting, etc & can't access phone.

My suggested change.

1. Condense these 6 "quests" down into only 4 by making the gold a single 135 bonus.
2. Have all quests trigger at a fixed time each day. Midnight or 5PM seem most logical to me.
3. Have the expiration timer be a full day (23 hours anyway) or a week like raid reward emails.

And for my final suggestion to make it easier to keep playing but not have to log in several times a day.

1. Remove the Energy Accrual Caps. (Or at least increase them by a factor of 5-10x)

Somedays your just slammed & don't have time to log in but if you don't your loosing out on farming energy.

I've never played a game that made me log in 5x or more a day but in turn, I ran out of stuff to do on a Saturday when I had time & can't play for a couple hours straight.

Letting the energy accrue for a couple days & then play longer on the weekends would be a nice boost for anyone that has commitments in life & loves the game but doesn't have the time to be pulling out there phone at work every few hours just to do arena or claim energy etc etc.

Anyway, those are my 3 suggestions for cutting down the shear amount of time it takes to be "checking everything" each day.

I think the community would like getting back the time each day spent logging in/out & doing short collect/burns when it would be far easier to do it all during Arena Hours when we are locked out.

I know I would love it.
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