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Greetings Heroes,

Welcome to the first weekly community update for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. These updates will happen every Friday and will contain everything that’s going on in the community that week. Sometimes there may even be sneak peaks at content that is currently being worked on!

What happened this week?

What’s being worked on now?

1. Level 80 cap increase
  • In the coming weeks, we’ll be increasing the level cap from 70 to 80
  • This will include a release of new stages in the Light, Dark, and Cantina tables, along with new tiers for Gear and Abilities

2. Game-wide tuning changes
  • Related to the level 80 cap increase, we are making some significant changes to the combat tuning.
  • The goal is to mitigate (but not entirely eliminate) situations where characters can be killed before they’ve had any chance to act.
  • Defense will now be more significant in the battle
  • Speed will now be important in calibration of a character’s damage output. Generally speaking, faster acting characters will see a damage reduction and slower characters will see an increase.
  • The “Advantage” ability is changing. It will now be a guaranteed critical hit for a single action.
  • All characters will now gain a new mechanic (working name: “Fortitude”), which will be activated at a certain point in characters’ progression. This will act as another layer of health which needs to be exhausted by opponents before the character starts losing their health. Current healers will not replenish Fortitude. We may add characters and abilities in the future which will act on, around, with, etc. Fortitude.

3. Future release
  • Much of the team’s focus is on our next major update.
  • We can’t go into much detail yet, but will update you when we can. More info as this one gets closer! :)

Community Spotlight

This week’s tip comes from forum user JumbuckJedi. Great tip if you are struggling with the Tank Challenge!

Teebo vs Mace Windu
Game mode: INT challenge
Use Teebo as leader and keep using basic attack from stealth on Mace Windu to remove his turn meter. Royal Guard can also be used to stun Mace. It is very likely you will make it through the challenge without Mace swinging his sabre!

Community Moderators
These moderators are completely volunteer and are here to help out on the forums. They’re here to help make these forums a better place for everyone, and to assist players who may be looking for help.

Our current community moderators are:


If you ever have an issue on the forums feel free to hit up any of the moderators on this list, they’ll be more than willing to help out if they are online at that time.

Thanks everyone for stopping by the forums to read the updates this week. See you at the holotables!
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