Squad Arena Rankings

Can anyone enlighten me on how you are groups with others in squad arena? I don't think everyone wh plays the game is all fighting in the same squad arena are they? That being said, is it possible to group Squad Arena by GP like they do GAC divisions? I have 700k GP and the people I'm trying to beat in Squad Arena are way higher than me... Makes it harder to do some feats and harder to advance in that game area.


  • You’re grouped in your arena shard with the people that signed up around the same time you did. If they’re that much higher than you, they either bought their way to the top or they play/farm more often than you. I’d lean toward paying.
  • Each "Leaderboard" is 20,000 people.

    You get shunted into your "Shard/Leaderboard" when you gain access to Squad Arena (Level-28?)

    When a board hits 20K people, then that one is closed for new entry & a new one is started.

    Typically it takes over a week these days to fill up with 20K new players.

    When I entered mine I was around 7,000th place.

    A friend joined about 5-6 days after me & is on the same board but entered at 16,000th place.

    Anyone that joined before you has probably been playing a few days/weeks longer & is likely higher level & has a head start on you in your shard.

    Being lucky & getting in on an low population shard (~2000) is seen as a huge early advantage because if you can claim top 500 quickly you are getting better rewards & in turn then using those rewards to level up faster.

    At Level-60 you go through the same thing with Fleet Arena, only the limit on LeaderBoard size is like 2,000 people instead of 20K.

    Having a strong ship ready to go right at L60 (Kylo-Unmasked & TIE-Silencer at 4+ Stars) is a huge advantage there too.

    Neither Squad/Fleet Arena is grouped by GalPower.

    Its purely when you joined your shard & the limited # of people per shard.

    So the big GP players either paid big $$ to get ahead or were playing for a while & have maintained high ranking from a soon as the shard opened.

  • Okay, this makes a lot of sense now. I started the game 4 years ago, and then put it down. Recently picked it back up in April. So this makes heaps of sense. Thanks for the info!
  • Just created an account and #1 spot is level 71. RIP new account.
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