Back from a long break, starting over and looking for a discord

As the title says, I'm back from a long break, I barely know what's going on in the game so I just abandoned my lvl 85 account with the rebels squad (the old, old rebels squad hahaha) and started a new one. I'm going to stay at level 27 for the first time because I really don't want to be top 500 again so if someone can add me and invite me to their guild to help me grow faster I will appreciate it a lot.

Here is my ally code: 567-932-965


  • J0hnMurphy wrote: »
    Intrapidoo wrote: »
    Stop before it doesnt hurt. Trust me you'll be better off not even starting this utterly useless crap.

    Hahaha I know how bad the game is but there isn't really another star wars game with this much content so I don't have an option

    They just made it only enjoyable for people with money in the end game..... this game is gasping for its last dying breath...
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