Who should I use

So I've begun working on my ewok team. They aren't 100% yet. But with the c3po event coming who would you usek5o88yn011kn.jpg


  • The best Ewok team that you should be working on is Chirpa, Wicket, Paploo, Logray, and Elder. Since it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to get your Logray in time for the event, use either Scout or Teebo in his place.
  • If you can't get Logray, who I would wholeheartedly recommend, use scout under a Chirpa lead rather than Teebo, he's got far better damage.
  • Fair enough, I think I may have been missing wicket when I was having to use a filler, so that may have been why I preferred the damage alternative, I just found without much gear Teebo was too weak to even handle AoE's particularly. Either way try them both given they're the two you have at 7 star at the moment.
  • The "Ideal" set up is to use everyone but Scout & Teebo.

    In your case, given its only 1 week away.

    You'll have to use everyone but Logray & Wicket.

    Because even at 2 refreshes a day Wicket is still 13 days out with average RNG & that is a lot of wasted crystals IMO, all just to get him to 5*

    Scout's Damage is "close" to Wicket's so given the extra 2* & better gear on him its probably a wash.

    I'm not sure it will be enough to 5* him but I say Good Luck in your teddy bear trials & hope you get your golden rod.

    I'm still another another cycle away from even trying him for 5* like you are :)

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