A free chronium pack just one for christmas wud be nice

I would very much like it EA dropped a free chromium pack on us for christmas i think that wud make everyones day even more special


  • Qeltar
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    Most games do have holiday events and giveaways. For this one Christmas seems to have been the new Star Wars movie and they did give away some stuff. :)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • They gave us free characters already.
  • Give us all a free Darth Vader and a pony.
    "Mockery: Oh, Master, I love you, but I hate all you stand for! But I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"
  • Past 3 day my xmas gifts were a 4* ima & urggruru'r (how ever u spell it) from bronze.........very suprised n happy with those, we'll the ima anyways haha
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