GAC matchmaking broken by relics

Did CG consider the effect of dropping relics midway through a GAC? Of course not!

And because matchmaking is limited to same Division, and you can’t move Division during a championship, then we may suffer THIS ****! Yay!

Their roster: 14-09-2019, 22 01 06.png?dl=0

Yum! Tasty DR and JKR relic 7!

Sadly, my roster: 14-09-2019, 22 24 04.png?dl=0

Please explain how this is working as intended... and why you expect payment for your broken game?


  • ......... the relics do not have any affect until the next round of gac... try complaining about this at the time it's happening not before it can happen
  • That thought occurred to me afterwards. I hadn’t realised examining a roster through the GAC interface would show me current teams, not what is eligible for this week’s GAC round. Bad QoL strikes again?

    This is still a problem, and one that will keep happening - because Division is locked for an entire 4-week championship, and matchmaking is locked to the same Division.
  • Yep this is the 3rd week. Which means we got 1 week where the relics will be a factor. Complain then. Cause then it will be a valid complaint.. but next week will be over and these people will be put into different divisions
  • I do not think you we will see the full effect of relics next week. Because matchmaking is restricted to league and rank. Those struggling in GAC will be still be in chromium next week. Those with potent rosters will be in aruodium. IMO the 4th round GAC is only round where matchmaking starts to become "fair".

    Most spenders will be in the aruodium league, so if your in chromium you will not be matched with them.

    The division lock will effect things, but not as much as people think. Said thing is since the 4th Round GAC will have spenders face each other, CG will wrongly conclude that relic's fixed matchmaking and will not address it before the next GAC session... where the shot will hit the fan.
  • G13 is already a joke but once they're relic lvl4 is like g14 and a relic7 is pretty much gear15 and beyond lmao So it's more than obvious that matching up by gp should no longer exist because it really is all about the amount of legends along with amount of g12-13 and relics that makes the difference bigtime
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