HAAT P1 Solo with Zylo or CLS still actual?

Hi everyone! Is p1 HAAT solo with Zylo or CLS (with escape spam) still actual or fixed/nerfed?


  • crzydroid
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    Yes, you can still do that. In fact, a strong enough CLS or CLS with Han can solo it without escapes.

    But there are teams that can solo the entire raid now. So you can definitely try to work towards those. CLS is part of some of those teams.
  • AleSahnDroh_1979
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    Another safe way is CLS + Hermit Yoda.
  • Maldiko
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    Thanks! And Zylo still can do it? Our guild have some strong players and a plant of new players, so, we want to minimize losses. My friend have pretty strong CLS and i want to try Zylo. Solo 1p and then, 2-4 with all other members of our guild.

    P.s. This CLS is strong enough?))

    P.s2 Sorry for too basic questions, i've walked not far enough from start))
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  • Yes, Kylo can still do it, but it would take forever since the escape doesn't reset like it used to. If you have to do it with him or CLS, CLS is the much better option, and it goes faster if you have Han with him. Dathcha lead can help, too.
  • Liath
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    Zylo is harder than it was in the beginning because he no longer reduces the cooldown on escape. So you can do it, but it's possible you will have to forfeit some attempts if the escape doesn't stick.
  • Vendi1983
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    Can just use the same tactic with CLS as you'd use with zKylo. It takes about 10% of the time and lets you keep CLS for later teams like ABC.

    Depending on mods maybe 800k-1.5m per attempt so maybe 5+/- attempts total for the whole phase, about 10-15 minutes. zKylo now does about 150-300k per attempt, it's more RNG dependent and a big pain. So you need almost 60-90 minutes for just P1.
  • Vendi1983
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    If nobody in your guild can solo the whole thing your best option, provided the toons are available is:

    P1 - CLS escape method or Brotini (Dathcha + Han + CLS) either one requires CLS to escape before dead if you're going to use in P3/4 below. G11+

    P2 - First Order - a great First Order team can do 60-80% of the entire phase. But multiple average ones can do the whole phase. G11+ for great scores, G10 for average.

    P3/4 - ABC - Ackbar, CLS, BB8, Asajj Ventress, Thrawn. They can finish it off. Or easily clear each phase. G10-11+
  • You can use thrawn as well for p1
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