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give officers the ability to remove defenses set in TW. It would also be helpful for GAC.

Why isn't this a thing already? This seems like something you would provide after the first 3 territory wars.
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    They stated they will not give someone else control over someone elses game play.

    That being said we should be able to edit our own teams.

    We spoke about this after the last QA and apparently the code structure for this doesnt really allow for that, which is why it's not a thing, it is not just a simple change.
  • Are you telling me the people that work on this game, for CG, are incapable of coding this into the game?

    The response was more "we can, but it doesn't monetize anything so we aren't allocating resources."

    If you can't see this was nothing more than gaslighting that's on you.

    I don't accept this response. I don't understand why anyone else accepts this response.

    CG: The coding doesn't allow it. (Anything they feel like not doing)

    Us: Oh, okay. What about matchmaking and future content?

    CG: We don't know how to balance our game. Have some some relics and balance it yourself.

    Us: Are you going to address the gear crunch?

    CG: We didn't and have no plan to do such a thing and every new character will require kyrotechs for G12 and G13. Here's 3-5 each day so you stop complaining. Have some double drops with the same drop rates (hint - we didn't really give you anything). We can just say we did. Oh, and the same bottle neck for gear is required for relics. Enjoy patrons.

    Us: ...thank you sir may I have another
  • @Kyno thanks for burying my post. If I wanted it in TW I would have put it in TW. I was waiting on someone to respond, like you did, to expand the conversation.

    I'm also waiting on a response regarding my inquiry about CG utilizing control players to manipulate GAC outcomes like they use in GW.

    Would you like to respond to these inquiries? Maybe bury this even further?
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