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    There's tons of people (granted, again, anecdotal) where the top 20 never falls farther than that. My fleet shard is one of those.

    :waves: That's me!

    Of course, I don't like fighting over and over again to reach the top every day... so I invested crystals in getting the best fleet on my shard. It can probably still be beaten by anyone in the top 50 who cares to try, but if you have worked hard to max out your pilots/crew and have 30-90k more gp in your fleet than anyone else in your top 10, why would anyone fight you if they didn't have to? They just pick someone else to challenge.

    Last night I fell to 5th. It's a couple more hours before I have to fight for first, so I might even fall farther, but I doubt it. 5th place is the farthest I've fallen in about a month. Sometimes I fall no further than 2nd. 3rd and 4th are both fairly common.

    Granted, not everyone can have the highest GP fleet on a shard (much less the highest GP by the margin I've achieved), but if you invest in pilots and crew instead of refreshes, there's a better chance you'll win a fight or two on defense. The combo of having a much higher GP than your neighbors combined with people remembering that they've lost to your fleet before makes an effective deterrent to being challenged by people who just want the easiest path to #1.

    It's hard to know, but I probably invested no more crystals in maxing out my pilots than others spend in refreshes, and my strategy takes a lot less time out of my day. And as a side benefit, I get some extra toons to throw at my GAC opponents.
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