PVP should be actual pvp

I would prefer if pvp worked like this-
-you challenge a real person within the top 10
-you get 1 attempt to take rank 1per day
-if you win slot 1, anyone within top 5 can challenge you once per day and you have five minutes to accept the fight or the ai fights for you
-you can change teams as defender and the attacker is locked in when they challenge
-a defender is safe in rank 1 for the first 23 hours after victory.


  • That wouldn't work we are all in different time zones some of us are sleeping when someone would want to challenge us. Im sure we will get real PVP but it will probably be a separate entity like a tournament style gameplay.
  • How would that not work, if you are sleeping it would go to how it is now (ai auto-play)
  • It defeats the whole purpose of real pvp if everyone I want to battle can't battle me because they are unavailable. A tournament style where we all set a side a designated time to participate would be better don't you think?
  • Sure but both would be better (because the dedicated people can defend rank 1 from real people) than a broken ai that can't defend ****.
  • Agreed,Its a shame so many excellent team comps the AI plays poorly, And you know toe to toe it'd be a different story. Kasparov proved it.
  • EM650
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    I would just love it if the AI learned my fighting style and fight for me in that way. What toons do I tend to target before others. How/when I use specials or healing.
  • That would be neat and all but well you know, time zones. :|
  • Predian
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    I think they should have a separate feature for real PVP. Players can put up wagers on their own battle (credits), someone accepts, and you fight. Take it out of the arena so it won't affect the current payout scheme. Make it a completely separate mechanic, with no system-generated rewards.
  • @BentWookie should this be in feedback?
  • @BentWookie should this be in feedback?

    Yes! :)

  • EM650
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