3PO 7 Star BARE MINIMUM - NO WICKET - Please post your gear & speeds

Hey all. No Wicket is tough, then trying lowish gear makes it beyond tough, but it's what I'm trying

Took me about 70 tries to get through 6 star with (all about 180-200 speed, too slow for low gear):

G11 Elder
G9 ZChripa
G9 Logray
G8 Teebo
G8 Paploo

Scout might be slightly preferable here for more dmg, or not. Teebo dispels, and takes away TM, he is quite useful, but undergeared here for sure, sometimes he stealth's others too. Paploo is similar, and is dying too fast for me too, well, anyone who gets targeted dies, period. The event is insanely hard beyond any other

MeatCity Gaming got through 7 star with all G9 Ewoks, this was my inspiration, but he had Wicket, and I am pretty sure some very good/fast mods

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