Update on Current Issues 9/20

Hi Holotable Heroes,

I wanted to share a quick update on what the team is currently working on. We are presently investigating and actively fixing a number of bugs from the recent Title Update, especially the performance slowdowns. We are working on getting these resolved as quickly as possible in a future release.
  • Here’s a list of some of the issues we’re currently tracking:
  • Performance Issues (slow scrolling, laggy character screen, etc.)
  • When selecting ships for the Fleet defense squad several ships are vanishing/are invisible and becoming invisible when scrolling through the available ships
  • Link to Guild activities can cause a soft crash
  • Last seen view for mods not saved when moving mods
  • Last used squads are not saved in squad arena and fleet arena
  • Advanced Search not listing some Guilds
  • Prohibit overlay is not displayed properly on TB Geo
  • Can’t place squads or attack some Territory War Fleet Nodes

There are a number of other longer standing issues we are also working on - namely the disappearing buttons during combat and the level 1 Count Dooku in PvE missions.

Lastly, we’re also working on a Dev tracker to help keep you up-to-date on the issues. This is something we’ve seen other studios use with great success and are working to roll this out for SWGoH soon. We plan to update this board roughly once a week with the latest top issues and bugs. This is something more visual and easier to browse - rather than a long, “known issues” forum post (see Apex Legends or Twitch’s implementations for an idea of what we’re talking about).

Ultimately, we want to create a resource where you can see if there’s been progress on a bug you care about. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this could be useful to you and what changes you would like to see once it’s live.
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