Seeking advice on what of my roster I can best use for finishing Han

Hello there! I'm a returning player after two years looking to take things at my own pace instead of the arena's. Back in a guild, and aside from learning the myriad of new and old things that have become more convoluted than ever before :D, would love some advice on the path of least resistance out of my current roster to put good numbers out (or even solo if I can) on Rancor.
And yes, I know my gearing is wacky. I left right as CLS was entering the scene.


  • Pit raid is all about turn meter reduction which you are a bit light on. With what you got try something like Vader lead, Thrawn, Tarkin who can do big chunks of TM. TIE fighter pilot for some tenacity down and round it out with Palpatine for the damage.

  • Waqui
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    You only have turn meter reduction from Rex, QGJ and Tarkin. TFP can provide tenacity down. Vader an provide speed down, and his lead can provide further TM reduction when using Empire and Sith characters.

    I guess your best bet would be to use Vader lead with TFP and Tarkin as the core of your team, and then experiment with which 2 of QGJ, Rex, EP and other Sith do better.

    Mod TFP for high crit chance, since he lands tenacity down on crits. Vader's zeta lead would be a great help for soloing the whole thing (Thrawn would be great too).
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