Upcoming Grand Arena Championship Schedule

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Grand Arena Championships wrapped up yesterday and it's a good time to talk about the plans for the next Championship.

Our goal with Grand Arena Championship is to make each event feel unique with new feats, titles or even new mechanics. The changes for Championship 2 are not ready yet, so, instead of delaying entirely, we will rerun the Championship with the same feats and titles as before. This gives us time to finish making changes and you the chance to continue to earn rewards while trying out a full Grand Arena Championship with Relics. We also have a valuable opportunity to gather some useful data on matchmaking and character balance with Relics in Grand Arena.

This Championship will be functionally the same as last time. Points earned will still count towards your Lifetime Score, Feats will have the same requirements, you’ll climb the ranks to get better rewards, etc. You’ll keep any titles earned last season so you don’t need to re-earn them again this season. The October Calendar will contain the dates below but here they are in advance:

Rerun Championship Schedule:
  • 10/2 - Championship Start
  • 10/2 - Grand Arena 1 Preview
  • 10/9 - Grand Arena 2 Preview
  • 10/17 - Grand Arena 3 Preview
  • 10/24 - Grand Arena 4 Preview
Once the next Championship is finalized, we will post a preview of how it is going to differ from the previous event along with a rough schedule.

Good luck in the next Grand Arena Championship and see you on the Holotables!
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