Unavailable unit for platoons bug?

I have a DT I want to platoon that's telling me is already assigned on bottom territory of P6 DSTB but on middle territory I can use it for CM, and I'm frustrated because my guild needs this DT. Come on CG 😠


  • Is it possible you've already assigned 10/10 characters on the bottom platoon?
  • screenshot would help ;)
  • Nope, hadn't maxed platoons. Anyways I struggle with screenshots on this site
  • StarSon
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    So, sounds like you tried to platoon it in the middle, but someone else did it at the same time. What the game does since a month or so after the launch of Hoth DSTB is deploys the character, and then tries to platoon it. If someone else does this at the same time (or after you get to the screen but before you hit the button), then you are SOL. Your character is now deployed in that territory. You can platoon it in the middle, or use it in a middle CM, but that's it.

    CG doesn't care enough to come up with an actual fix to the issue, so the players have to deal with the consequences.
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