PLEASE watch this guy's vid for SWGOH improvements!

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This guy has some great ideas, especially the revised Galactic War to make it guild v guild to conquer planets with specific rewards based on the planet, so the guild can focus on what they want (conquer Naboo for B2 shards, attack Endor for Ewok stuff, etc....) so much fun and so cool!!!! Really, this would keep me and many others interested in this game even longer. Currently, beside adding more gear and such, the game is starting to feel dull :( I love the game, keep it fresh... watch this video!
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  • That does sound like a super fun idea
  • Single player raids
  • The actual video starts at 2:30 min. after some meaningless talk and a shameless involved add for a different game, lol.
  • why would you want b2 shards?
    Lord of Hunger. At least for junk food that is
  • Now there are some nice ideas.
    I would like to see individual raids. A Horde mode sounds nice as well.

    Galactic War sounds way to complex and at least i wouldnt want to organize it as a guild officer.

    But i am kind of very skeptical, we will get any meaningful new game modes, as CG is so eager to tightly control rewards inflow. They even modified Grand Arena several times and reduced the rewards each time, so as to keep the gear inflow in check.
    I really hope, i am wrong and they get it going, but i am quite sceptical.
  • I, for one, vote for in-guild PVP (not necessarily like GA; I just want to pick on people and try things) and sandbox GW.

    The Galactic Conquest mode sounds interesting, but also like it'd be a huge headache to organize. I'd be cool with individual raids, provided that they were set up properly and not a huge, tedious slog-fest that I had to pay a whole lot of attention to. Rewards grouped by damage done might help, but CG's idea of making new raids difficult seems to also involve making them tedious attention-hogs; avoid that, aim for the fights to feel fun and dynamic and for them not to require being glued to your phone.
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