LF Squad Arena shard: Lordd VegA, Vince Gon Thar, Kvothe

The following are some of the top folks in my shard. I'm interested in joining the shard chat, if there is one for our shard. I believe it's an April 2016 shard. I can be reached here or on discord at iamtheddrman#0790
  • Lordd VegA
  • Vince Gon Thar
  • Kvothe
  • CapsKing (with delta instead of 'a')
  • Sygel
  • Theon Syllian
  • Darthschafer
  • BullittMcQueen
  • Matiu Senpai
  • Liam Meeson Gerhardt
  • HK Obito
  • Miloz ANZGC
  • Shepard
  • Boseephuss
  • Grounded
  • bazsi
  • Sirius
  • Brax
  • Hog Myxin
  • Kvothe50dme
  • Er Lil
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