State of the Galaxy - October

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

It’s that time again - State of the Galaxy! As we are writing this State of the Galaxy, we’re recognizing that these may not look the same every time. Last time we spoke mostly about our intent and this one is mostly a check in - although we do have some new things to report. Let’s dive in.

Follow Up - GAC
We’re making progress on getting the next Championship (and our first, lightly themed one) pulled together. Our first themed championship will focus on the First Order and you’ll see First Order flavored feats, portraits, and titles. Start dusting off your First Order characters and get ready for the Championship after October’s Championship.

Update - Cheating
We’ve been working with our engineering team and SWGOH.GG on how we can best get the battle history over to them. During our investigation we’ve surfaced some interesting cases we need to resolve before going live with the information. The two most pressing issues we’ve needed to resolve are a) when is the information surfaced and b) who can see it. We’ve solicited feedback from our beta players and we’re making progress. Our hope is to be able to roll something out soon, but we’re still working through some issues. Stay tuned.

Follow Up - Relics
We’ve been monitoring the rollout of Relics carefully and we haven’t seen any major technical issues. Initially there was some negative reaction in the community, but overall our numbers are showing high and continued engagement with Relics. We’ve seen 31,814 characters go to Relic 7 and there are over 138,612 characters at Relic 4-6. The tools we use to monitor the meta are also showing some pretty big shakeups. We’re starting our next round of ideation around the future of relics and are excited to share what we come up with (when it’s closer to ready!).

Update - Territory Battle
Prepare your collections! Light Side Territory Battle Geonosis is coming in November. We’ve got a whole host of new enemies and allies. Are you prepared to battle the Nexu and the Reek? Can you lead the Galactic Republic forces to victory? Prepare your squads for the next Territory Battle.

Visual Lag
We’ve gotten a number of bugs and issues about some “visual lag” as players are moving through different UI screens and just generally “lagginess” in the game. We’re very aware of the issue and are working fast to resolve it. We’re going to be releasing an updated client to specifically deal with these issues next week. As a result of this issue (and other ongoing issues) we’re going to be releasing a...

...Dev Tracker
Today we’re going to be unveiling a dev tracker to communicate more with you about what we’re currently working on. We’ve spoken with our friends over at Apex Legends about theirs and built our own in a similar style. We’ll be unveiling later today and we’ll have more to say about what will be showing up on it then. Be on the lookout.

We just sent out the questionnaire for next month’s Q&A. We’ve been getting some really great questions and we’ve enjoyed answering them. November is likely going to be a Road Ahead post. We’re going to be talking about a feature we’ve been working on for new players that we think will make the new game experience something that can be better navigated. Until next time…

See you on the holotables.


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