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Hi Holotable Heroes,

In the State of the Galaxy today we talked about launching a Dev Tracker for Galaxy of Heroes. Ultimately, we believe we need a better way to more regularly communicate the status of issues. Long known issues posts on the forums can be hard to digest and maintain. To solve this, we reviewed a ton of different solutions, including working with several teams inside of EA. We landed on a dedicated Dev Tracker Trello board. For those of you unfamiliar with Trello or a Dev Tracker:
  • Trello is a task tracking and organizing software
  • There are individual cards for each issue where you can get more info
  • Open to everyone

The Galaxy of Heroes Developer Tracker will contain the top issues and let players know a general status. It won’t be an exhaustive list of every single issue, but should capture the most common and biggest bugs for community. I will be updating the tracker approximately once a week after syncing with the team. (If you are curious why mine looks cooler than your it’s because of colorblind mode)

If your issue is not here, head over to Answers HQ. This is the best place to get your issue in front of us and reviewed.

How to reference the Dev Tracker:
  • First column provides a quick reference for status definitions and types of update
  • Second column is Update notes if you want to check which issues were addressed recently.
  • Several columns of bug categories
  • Recently Resolved - Issues from the last couple weeks that have been fixed.
  • Last column is links to major news like State of the Galaxy or Road Ahead, Dev Q&As, etc

You can gather the status of a bug at a glance but if you want to get into the nitty gritty you can dive into each card to get a better idea of when a fix might occur.


Status Definitions
  • Backlog - Aware of this issue, but not actively working on it.
  • Investigating - We are looking into this issue, gathering further information and determining the scope of work.
  • In Progress - We are working on it and the fix is in progress, but not yet complete.
  • Ready to Release - The fix is complete, and we will be deployed at the next possible opportunity. This depends on the type of release required
  • Released - Fix has been deployed and available to players.

Definitions of Update Types
Certain fixes require a particular release and this can help you roughly determine when this fix may happen. Server fixes are the quickest as they usually happen weekly but unfortunately not all things can be fixed by only changing server data.

Sometimes the change requires us to change content that is on your device like adding a character model or art for a new pack. This means we have to change data that is on your phone and will require a Content update.

Finally, Client Updates are the biggest kind of release but they allow us to change and fix the most kinds of game data. This is typically a big title update like Mods 2.0 or Relics which modifies a large amount of client, and server data. These also usually need approval from platform as they require you to download a new version from your app store.

Server - (Approx Once Per Week)
This change requires a Server Update
  • No need to download an updated client from app store
  • Potentially requires reboot of game client

Content - (Approx Once Every Three Weeks)
This change requires a Content Update
  • No need to download an updated client from app store
  • Download new data to your local device
  • Potentially requires a reboot of the game client and an update to local gamedata

Client - (Approx Once Per Quarter)
This change requires a Client Update
  • Need to download an updated client from app store
  • Download new data to your local device
  • Typical release occurs with a rolling optional release over approximately 24 hours followed by a forced release

The column on the left has all this info in case you forget.

Link to Dev Tracker

I’d love to hear your feedback on what’s useful or could be changed. Head over to the megathread and leave your thoughts:

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