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    It's good to see the devs have time for stuff like this, but nit actual content for their game.

    First one of many comments like this. Nothing pleases people like you geez. "The Devs" such a general and ignorant term.

    It is. Because they ignore us too. I don't play this game for talks and application and forum posts. I want to play the game for its content; which is lacking.

    What do you expect them to produce? Fornite levels of content? pumping new stuff week after week which is absolute garbage? Content takes time to make. They probably are full with Geonosis or giving the final touches to it who knows. Again, the Dev Tracker was not set up by the same guy that say, makes the charachter or codes the game so childlish attitude is totally misguided.

    No I just want something other then simming the same stuff everyday. I can complete my daily's within 5 min of being on and then there is nothing to do. Hardly ever any events and all of those are so out dated I can click auto with a B rated team.
    They are full with Geonosis?? Are you kidding me? Its just a re-skinned event of a re-skinned event. Nothing new about it. They slapped on 1000% tenacity and gave everyone 1,000,000 health. (I bet even that took forever for them to do.)

    So true ...
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