Aura Sing lead

So I just got thru 7* with zBossk lead (g12+2) with bona (12+2) jango (11), AS (11), and Dengar (9)

I tried AS lead to start but no stealth for BH attackers. Was trying to shortcut Dengar stealth to block R2. She didn't stealth on her special either. Is this a bug or wai against an opponent ability?

If wai, then PSA for those planning this approach


  • Good question. I also tried zAurra-lead and had no stealth. Wonderful.
  • I am also having this problem. I can’t see why I’m not getting stealth off...

    Anyone know?
  • read her kit again
  • I just read it. At the start of battle, and whenever a Bounty Hunter ally defeats an enemy, all Bounty Hunter Attacker allies gain Stealth for 2 turns.

    What exactly are we missing? It's the start of battle. Dengar counts as an attacker.
  • theatomicpun
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    I used her lead this morning and received stealth. It was WAI for me. What was the enemy team?

    Edit: whoops, realized we were talking about the chewie event. Nevermind.
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    Chewie event sub-forum, OP specifically mentioned Chewie event, so I'll guess they're asking about Galactic War.

    I'd hazard a blind stab in the dark that the enemy team was Chewie, Han, R2, ROLO, Lando. Just guessing though.
  • Lol totally missed that. Thanks.
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