Over 2,500 GAC banners already, how?

Is it possible to have over 2,500 GAC banners already?



  • He got a bye and did the non GAC feats.

    It happens when a division is uneven (807 / 8 = 100 + 7/8 meaning those people cant compete.

    So CG gives them points since they cant really do GAC properly
  • Kyno
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    If you get placed in a group that doesnt have a full 8 you get a bye. This means you get full points for the match right away and the 1000 for the win when you log in.
  • Thanks, I didn't know about byes.
  • Since they changed things last GAC so you can't get matched up outside your GP division, if there's an odd number of people in the GP division, someone is going to get a bye.
  • Kluski wrote: »
    Thanks, I didn't know about byes.

    Np ;D
  • They really should post an announcement or sticky or something. This question gets raised every GAC now.
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