Star Destroyer Paper Model Project

"This thread is to update the progress of my personal project “Star Destroyer Paper Model Project” (see details below).
I’ll keep updating the progress every 1-2 weeks. Just a friendly sharing of my own work with you guys who are Star Wars fans and paper model lovers around the world!

- What am I going to build? -
A BIG, highly detailed, neatly made IMPERIAL II CLASS STAR DESTROYER paper model. Planned to be 110 cm long & 66 cm wide, this would become one of the world’s biggest and most perfect Star Destroyer paper model once it’s completed.

- What’s so special about this project? -
Let me make it clear, this piece of art will be a true PAPER model, the only material will be used to construct this model is pure various types of paper (and glue). No plastic parts or wooden structure, no painting, no digital texture or any printed part, electricity, etc., ONLY PAPER.

And to make it even more challenging, this model will be completely made by hand. Scaling and measuring will be done by hand tools, no computer or calculator will be used. Cut by scissors and paper cutting knife only, no electronic or automatic cutting machine will be used as well.

For conclusion, what you will see here is a progress of the meter-long hand-built Star Destroyer paper model, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD.

Please follow the fanpage to see our progress:


  • The very first update is here!
    With the help of information collected from the internet and many books as a reference, now the first few pieces of this Star Destroyer are shaping up! the main top and bottom panels have been placed with supporting structures.
    More updates will come soon!

    PS. This is a non-commercial project
    Please feel free to like and share ;)

    #PaperStarDestroyer #StarWars

  • Some progress after weekends.
    Now the supporting structures of the main panels have been done, with some scored details on it.
    You can see 3 holes that have been cut for installing hangar bays and reactor core later.
    (More details will be added on the panels after I finished the main body)

    #PaperStarDestroyer #StarWars

  • Now the upper part is rising.
    The duty stations have been stacking up layer by layer.
    an X marks on the panel shows the area where I'll soon working on for the next step.
    It still looks quite clean now, much more details to go!

    #PaperStarDestroyer #StarWars


    A few days worth for this command tower!
    with the help of some close shot from ESB and the picture of the original studio model used in the filming of Star Wars, now I can refer these sources for details around the command tower. However, I feel like the thick paper can't be used to create smaller details, I may use another type of paper to make it look better soon!

    PS. there's a small piece of plastic frame I put on the backside of the tower, this one is only to remind me not to forget to create a grid panel using paper, so the plastic frame will be replaced with the new paper part later. (please note that I'm strictly sticking to my concept that this model will be made with paper only!)
    #PaperStarDestroyer #StarWars

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