Thoughts on Teebo, Logray, Paploo, Scout, Elder

Title says it all. Not really interested in both a star grind and a gear grind. These are the ones I have at 7 stars already. So far I haven't put any effort into gearing any of them.


  • What I can say is that if you're interested in end-game, Ewok development isn't a waste. They can take a lot of teams fully developed. But Chirpa and Wicket are key for that. Properly developed, they are one of the fastest compositions in the game. In my recollection, it's very difficult to beat this event without at least Chirpa leveled and zeta'd. The extra attacks matter a lot.
  • Thanks for the thoughts. I might just have to knuckle down after the JKR event and work on those two.
  • I managed to clear without Wicket.

    i had zChirpa, Paploo, Scout, Logray ( all g11), Elder ( G12)

    Took nearly an hour and really good RNG to finally do it.
    If you can farm Wicket, he'll definitely make things easier..
  • I'm thinking of the same. I have the same toons and unlocked 3PO on five stars. I have Wicket and Chirpa on low stars, I will definitely not spend any energy or gear on them given my current priorities.

    I think all of these on G12 might do the trick?
  • LendersQuiz
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    I originally had the Ewok Scout g12 and I was not able to finish the C3PO event. Once I replaced the Ewok Scout with a g12 logray I was able to finish. My complete team was cherpa the Elder logray wicket and Tebo. All were g12 and all had Zetas where applicable.
  • JeffG
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    I did it with zChirpa (G10), Scout (G11), Elder (G11), Paploo (G11), Logray (G9).

    Took some grinding. Logray's daze is soooo crucial to the event. I think if you try to do it with Teebo it'll be real hard and you'll probably need everyone geared up all the way.
  • Any more recent thought on the OP squad? Teebo lead, scout, paploo, elder, logray. Id rather not use regular energy on wicket or chirpa.
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    @Bigeasy but Chirpa is a Cantina farm... Solid necro too.
  • @Bigeasy I had to knuckle down and farm Chirpa. Managed it with all G12 and tons of speed mods. Used zChirpa, Teebo, Logray, Paploo, & Elder. The nice thing is that they are a solid GA team for me now.
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