Lag making phone hot, dangerous

So since the last update the game is really laggy and it's at the point I cant play... lost a GAC fight to game crash then both of my geo tb battles froze, buttons still there but the game makes a awful buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttztztzttzztx sound and gets really hot like it's about to explode.

I'm trying to stay positive but I spent new tb money on accident because the lag and i have set incorrect defenses because the lag and entered battles when I wasn't ready because the lag.
How long is reasonable to wait for the game to register a user action in 2019? 5 seconds? 10? Devs think this is okay?

I'm just amazed they can take a good functioning game and make it this bad with a update and just let it be. My phone is a 2019 galaxy so I'm not using a flip phone just fyi. The phones giving a warning that it's too hot so possibly its damaging my device too but haven't seen any other issues outside swgoh.

Games crash I get it but recently swgoh is going into not responding status and making my phone get so hot it would burn me if I kept holding it.

I know there's terms of service and stuff but if phones start exploding and taking off people's hands and fingers or starting fires that wouldn't be very good.

Any updates on when they will make the game playable again without a 3 second lag after you click a button?

This seems like it should be a higher priority than a new luke, what's the point of trying for luke if the games falling apart at the seams?


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    This sounds like a combination of hardware and other issues than just on their end.

    Either way you should report this to Answers HQ.
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