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Hi game masters! By this thread I would like to ask you to change the way you count to win/lose in GAC.
I'm a moderate player. My GP is nearly 4.9m, but in GAC, most of GAC, I have to face a 7ppl of whales, all of them have higher GP than mine, some of them is over 900k GP. I drew twice, and of course, you punished me by counting me a loss. It's a very, very unfair, I invested my toons a lot, geared them up, modded them well, every single team, but in a match, i lost instead of a draw. I hurt a lot.
Therefore, I would like to recommend a fair match. After finishing a match, if it comes to a draw, please give 500-500 Championship score for 02 players, but the higher-gp player shall be the winner of that match.
I look forward to your change in the future GAC, for a fairer game!


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    CG has said they consider this to be the fairest measure of tiebreaking as this is by their definition a collection game and the stronger by GP collection reflects and fulfills that definition. Doesn't make it hurt any less to lose by GP alone though.
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