Swgoh styled Kaiju game/Godzilla kit

So I'm a huge Kaiju fan, whether it be the Godzilla franchise or Gamera, even Yunggary. I think a game with a similar style as swgoh could really work with Kaiju, given there's hundreds of them. So I've been thinking of kits for various Kaiju so here's my verzion of Godzilla (note: this is not meant to be viable in swgoh, as this would be a separate game. Zetas aren't a thing so the equivalent of omegas would be the max for abilities.)

Tags: Hero, Earth Defender, Attacker

Basic: Monsterous Slash: Deal physical damage equal to 40% of target Kaiju's max health pool.

Special 1: Atomic Breath: Set target Kaiju on fire for three turns and give them a Radiation counter. Deal damage equal to 55% of target's max health pool.

Radiation: Decreases armor and increases the damage dealt to those suffering from Radiation. Radiation counters last two turns.

Special 2: Atomic Pulse: Deal AoE damage to all enemy Kaiju equal to 15% of max health pool. Grant the opponent's leader four Radiation counters.

Leadership: King of the Monsters: All Earth Defenders gain armor up by 40% and health up by 50%. If Godzilla is leading a full team of Earth Defenders all allies gain damage up by 40% and their basics grant Radiation counters when attacking.

Unique: Alpha Predator: Godzilla deals an extra 20% damage to Mutant Kaiju and Parasitic Kaiju. For each allied Earth Defender add 10%.
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