A rate my chances post

I have 275 shards already, so think it's last 2 tiers to do? Didn't qualify for all rounds before so not sure.
G11 zbas
G11 Jolee
G8 mv
G8 zal
G7 T3

I have a spare zeta...would it benefit to drop on MV?
Also would maxing force bond help?

I'm a bit kit reluctant as trying to push jka to 12/13 and it's all the same stuff needed across all toons


  • Liath
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    Sounds like around what I had. Bastila can basically solo the thing, it’s not hard. But if you don’t have a zeta on Jolee you’re going to want one.
  • Thankfully have Jolee zeta. Been running a zbas (Jolee GMY snips jka) for a while now. Took ages to decide to get the other OR.
    Could get T3 to g8. Am building a gg team (ish) with HK. Needs other droids though
  • Liath
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    My T3 remains g7. I would only go for it if you’re building the nuke team.
  • I'll hold off until I fail the event and/or gg gets above currently g8
  • Schwartzring
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    edited October 2019
    I think you will be fine based on everything I have read.

    This is my own personal OR levels for next week & I don't plan on giving them anything till I see the event first hand.

  • Twi
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    You should be fine. But if you do need to gear anyone keep it to bas and jol
  • Picked him up today w/o changing anything from my roster above.

    Final phase only had the 3 jedi left standing when big nasty died but wasn't too tough at all.

    Z's all the time taunt is what killed him, never let the beasty spread the damage around.

    The Jedi still had loads of Basti's Purple Protection

  • Only had last tier to do. Final move killed off zal and T3, others basically untouched. Had blind not failed in last 3 attempts would've 3* easily
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