Outrun The Acklay

Does anybody know how fast GBA needs to be to beat the Acklay to Enrage reset? Beast Enraged and AOE stomped my team before Alpha's cooldown expired. Kind of hampered my ability to complete the mission. My speed was 221, so remodded up to 239 for next time. Will this be fast enough or is it just not possible to avoid that Enrage AOE?


  • Do you not need to time the "Blind" debuff to just before it uses it's AoE? Following this thread, haven't beaten it yet, G13r4 GBA, and G12 rest, arena mods.
  • Tried putting fastest everything on my GBA, ran him at speed 292. Still cannot stop the Acklay from getting Enraged and dropping an AOE. I don't think what I am attempting is possible.
    When the cooldown on the Acklay ability Terrifying Roar expires, it roars, becomes Enraged, summons up to 4 more Jedi, and removes 75% TM from all enemies. Since it gets to use 2 abilities every turn, it then immediately uses its AOE. I don't think you can stop this from happening, regardless how fast your Alpha is.
    I have not been able to time this right yet, but I'm thinking that using Sun Fac Spiteful Strike to inflict Blind on the Acklay right before it roars may be the only way to avoid this AOE. Suppose this means Sun Fac needs a speedy build to increase the chances of getting to use the ability at the right moment.

    Something doesn't seem right though. The first time I tried to take down the Acklay I got it to nearly half health before it Enraged. Haven't come close since. Last time I remodded for more speed and could barely damage it once protection was gone.
  • Here's my video beating the mission. It was not an optimal run and previous completions have been more comfortable. Geo stats at the beginning of the video.

  • Got Blind on Acklay today to try to avoid the enraged AOE. It didn't work. Apparently "can not be evaded" holds even if the Acklay is Blind.
    So cannot outrun it, cannot avoid it. That leaves absorbing it. It's a gear check.
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  • Don't hit the Acklay unless necessary. Try to save it for spy specials. When he gets hit, he gains TM. So the more often you git him...the more he will speed up.
  • I think the obvious consensus is controlling the Acklay's enrage and the opening 1st move from GBA to do so. Second priority is controlling the AOE ability Jedi on the field. Regardless of what you do to the Acklay, if you don't control their AOE, it's more likely to be a wipe. I've been pretty lucky so far. My first attempt was with a G13 R3 GBA and G12 with the others. GBA's Brute synergies to G13. I've since brought Spy to G13 and gotten the furnace pieces on everyone to boost health.

    Once AOE are under control (ability blocks, stun, etc) it's hitting auto on attacking the Acklay. Paying attention and going manual when debuffs on Jedi drop or getting close to enrage. Keep Jedi alive as long as possible and hoping they single attack the Acklay. AOE's if they slip through are going to hurt and can be tough to recover from. Rinse and repeat.

    Warrior has a pretty good video detailing this exact thing and I tweaked my bugs accordingly. I'm 3 - 0 now for Acklay and Wat.

  • Acklay strategy is similar to Wat strategy in that Ability Block on the AOE is how you survive, but for Wat spreading AB far and wide is most important. For Acklay, if AB doesn't stick on the AOE Jedi you have to keep hitting them until either it does stick or they are gone.
    As far as not hitting the Acklay, I can't say that is something I would do because Acklay gains offense with every defeated Jedi, and if you aren't hitting Acklay then you are targeting Jedi and they go pretty quickly. Only hit the AOE Jedi and leave them alone if AB sticks on them so you can ham on Acklay. This is what has worked for me the last two times.
    G12 health pieces are most important to get through the Acklay gear check AOE: medpacs are a must because they are easier, furnaces recommended to reduce vulnerability but not vital.
    The most important details were g12 medpacs, fast GBA, and high CC Soldier. Call Soldier for assists, don't taunt with Sun Fac, hold Poggle debuff move to clear Daze.
    There has to be a better way to use SF Blind though.
  • If you have enough speed on GBA and don't hit the acklay between when he enrages and when he AOEs you should easily take him out of enrage before his AOE.

    When the acklay first uses the enrage ability the AOE will be on a cooldown of 1 so he'll use his basic. Both GBA and the acklay will be on 0% TM (most likely because of the acklay's TM removal) and it's a speed race between GBA and the acklay. If you attack him between the enrage and the AOE though he'll gain TM (5% every time he takes damage) so will for sure get there first. So when he enrages, attack the jedi until you can cool him off. 10% extra damage from having to kill a jedi is a lot easier to survive than 100% extra from him being enraged. If your special ability is still on cooldown when acklay enrages then you need more speed and you need to attack the acklay less in the turns leading up to enrage. Also avoid Brute's special (which calls everyone to assist twice and gives massive amounts of TM). Don't forget that conscription gives you a bunch of TM gain and clears the dazes so it's not always best to save it for re-summoning the brute.

    For an example see 9min into this vid

    (Caution: I obviously advise against listing to things Ahnold says in general as there's quite a bit of rubbish thrown in but said with equal confidence like he knows what he's talking about... e.g. immediately after the useful bit of info at 9mins he says you should try and blind the acklay before his AOE which can't be evaded /facepalm but there you go)

    Regarding blind I use it just before he enrages because his enrage dispels taunts and his basic attack on the turn he enrages can 1 shoot a weaker geo with it's +100% damage especially a dazed geo (another 50% damage).
  • Interesting bits of strategy ... even though I feel pretty certain that Acklay did his AOE immediately after enrage, it's always possible I have a faulty memory. Yeah the video evidence shows a 5 turn cooldown on enrage and a 2 turn cooldown on AOE so I guess Blind right before enrage is a good move.
    I generally use GBA Conscription when I could use some healing regardless of how Brute is doing. Also I try to avoid using Glaive Sweep if the AOE Jedi are already blocked because I would rather not defeat any Jedi if I can.
    Thanks for the input.
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