Wompa finally!

So I will 7 star Wompa tonight. Is he worth G13 and R7? Anyone using him lately? Does he need 2 zetas to be effective? I mean, if we G13 and R7 him, we should probably slap 2 zetas on him as well? Or is he passe? Don't bother?


  • Liath
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    He is still useful but I would say he is more of a luxury/fun character at this point.
  • Gifafi
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    at g12 with the 2 health pieces he is great. he needs the furious foe zeta, and cornered beast is nice. Someone here said they were taking him to g13 but I haven't seen anything. He's my fave and would def take him to g13 except others take priority. Unfortunately he only really has a place in GAC/TB?TW but can solo whole teams. Also crushes in tank raid and can solo most of it with zader lead/hoda/bb8/cls (thrawn can also fit in somewhere there but I forget)
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • I love wompa in game. His slap sound effects. He's just awesome!! But he does seem like a luxury character. If I fail at the event, I guess I'm going to stack wompa. He's cool! Thanks for the advice!!!
  • I got him to 7 stars!!! Sadly - the sound was messed up so I didn't get to hear the theme song with the unlock :( I am so happy I got him 7 stars!! Woooo Hoooooo!!!! Rebel stalker! Rebel killer! All animal! All killer!!

  • Anyone got some cool teams to put Wompa with?

    I know General Anakin is the big thing for everyone, but I just got my wompa to 7. I'm -- I've been waiting for this longer than anyone will wait for a malak or GAS 7 star.

    I've wanted this Wompa for so long.... it's like, amazing. Any help would be appreciated!
  • I the rest of your clones are lousy, pairing him with Rex and Hoda can take care of a lot of random teams in GAC / TW. Pretty solid zEP counter.
  • NotTheChosenOne
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    Definitely not hes top 50 at best
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