Territory battles

With the announcement of general Skywalker please let us do both hoth and geonosis at the same time. There are now 4 toons that require GET 1. It would also help lower guilds start getting GET 2. This really hurts newer players as well as older players. With so many toons that need GET currency that shop is no longer used for gear which slows down all players. Not just for high end gear but for carbanties, stun guns and stun cuffs.


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    They did this with Malak, and the players adapted and were able to seven star Malak.

    We'll adapt again. No need for another Territory Battle to run simultaneously
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    No need for another Territory Battle to run simultaneously
    Instead of simultaneously, how about:

    I know you (CG) have said in the past that you don't want both the Hoth TBs and Geo TBs running at the same time. My proposal below, IMO, I think is a good compromise.

    Every three months, during a week that GeoTB is not running, give guilds of a certain power level (to be determined) a **CHOICE** to run a bonus LS Hoth TB (and three months later a bonus DS Hoth TBs) for either full or half rewards.

    You (CG) have said in the past that:
    • We don't want to use up too much time of the players.
    • We want to make getting players to G11/G12 easier.

    I say:
    • If the guild (or @Ultra in this case) thinks the optional bonus Hoth TB is not worth their time, they won't do it.
    • Having extra bonus rewards will help players reach G11/G12
    • If members of the guild are doing Hoth based quests or achievements, they can progress.
    • The game is not flooded with tonnes of extra rewards as the Hoth bonus "event" would only happen two to four times a year.
    • Some players complain about not having enough things to do. Doing a week long event is something to do.
    • Some players are interested in acquiring Rebel Officer Leia Organa and Imperial Probe Droid shards without having to spend GET2 currency.
    • Because Hermit Yoda, Wampa, Malak and General Skywalker all need GET1 currency, there is an ever greater need to play Hoth TBs as they provide much more GET1 currency.
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