Begging for new player guide

I have started to play this games foe 2/3 days. Personally, I like Star Wars very much. I have done some researches and many of them said Phoenix squad is a very good squad to start, so I am farming them now. But is there any other advice useful during the farming of Phoenix squad. Also, should I keep staying in the starter guide or find an active guide? If I shouldn't stay, any recommendation for an active guide?

Many thanks!!!


  • Stay in the starters. Yes they are kinda useless, but until your gp is up, you may have a very hard time finding a guild that will take you.

    If you leave a starter, you cannot go back, so take everything you can from them before guy jump ship.

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    I'd say find a real guild right away. Aim for one with many members and high activity (daily raid tickets). Almost any real guild will be better than starter guilds.
  • Find a real guild sooner rather then later, might be tough until your are level 55+ but there are a lot of alliances out there that have trainer guilds just for this reason.

    Also you can rejoin the starter guild after leaving so even if it doesn't work out you aren't that bad off.
  • 1. This will honestly depend on the starter guild. At my 3rd/4th guild promotion I got stuck in one where most of the other players had gone inactive so a single Pit & Sith raid just never died.
    On the other hand I had a friend who's starter guild was crazy active & they killed raids daily.
    Personally I'd say review the guild manager & see what the activity looks like for a day or 2, then decide.

    2. Google "Warrior's 2019 Best Starter Guide Ever" or something like that. Its a great guide that breaks down what to farm from each store/energy as you progress. I don't agree with it 100%, but a good 85%+ of it is awesome stuff. Phoenix is great but they are not the ONLY thing you should be doing for the first 50 levels.

    For example: Cantina Store = Chopper AND Boba Fett. You need Chopper at 5* to even try for Thrawn/Emperor but you need Boba open at 4* to start doing the Credit Heists event & Dark Side nodes.

    My personal suggestion for that single example is get Chopper open from L8 to L25. (2+ Stars)
    Then get Boba open from L25 to 30. (Opens at 4*)
    Then get back on Chopper to 5-7 Stars for Emperor/Thrawn events.

    You'll basically rotate those 2 till they are both 7*.
    Then move on to FO-Officer, Old Daka, or Qui-Gon Jin (For Yoda Event)

    3. Alternatively. Ignore all the above & get out now, don't start playing this game, its a huge waste of time & risks being a huge money sink too if you start spending. I wouldn't recommend starting this game to anyone that I care about.
  • The optimal thing to do as a new player is still farm Phoenix (do not waste your effort doing all of them, do Hera, Kanan, Chopper, Zeb, and Ezra.) You only need them for Thrawn because in reality; their squad is bottom of the barrel nowadays. The others are Emperor Palp and Yoda/Hoda. You can negate them all and start making your way towards the Revans as well if you're that far into your hard mode fleet and ls/ds nodes as Revans are the most meta thing you can viably use outside of EP, Geo's, or extremely well geared & relic'd CLS teams.
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