GMY Event Question

Hi all,

I'm preparing for the GMY event (I've never participated in it) and would like some advice.

Atm my Jedi:

Ezra 7 star
Kanaan 7 star
Jedi Consular 4 star
Mace 4
Bariss 4

I'm going to get Bastila of course, but I'm wondering is that lineup enough to get GMY?

Ideally I'd like to run Ezra, Kan, Mace, QGJ and Bariss but is this a good set up for the event?

I'm not restricted to F2P so can spend if necessary.

Thanks guys


  • It was a long time ago for me, but if I remember correctly, GMY was probably the easiest legendary, though someone may disagree with me on that. A lot will be dependent on gear, but only to 7/8 most likely, and under a QGJ or luminara lead you should be fine, if you get bastila you will definitely cope though, spending probably isn't necessary, but as a FTP don't take my word on that, as I will be biased.
  • Event was super easy.

    I've heard people got Yoda with Jedi Guardian, Mace, all sorts of "lesser" Jedi.

    The event was designed before Mods were introduced, so the power levels of characters are just plain higher now w/ mods.

    Literally, ANY 5 Jedi with average Mods & G7+ will likely beat it.

    I myself used Kanan, Ezra, Old Ben, Consular, & QuiGon to do the 1-6* events in May.

    Then 4 months later when it came back I used Kanan, Ezra, Old Ben, Bastila, & QuiGon since I had gotten everyone else + Bastila up to 7* by then. But even w/o Bastila it would have been a breeze.

  • Awesome, thanks for responses.

    I'm ready for the little wrinkled snot!
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