Internal Guild Fights?

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I was wondering if maybe the Devs would make a node set in which all of your guild members are placed in order from weakest to strongest, similar to a Galactic War, and you as the player have up to a week to climb the ladder and defeat as many of your own guild members as you can, alternatively, once a week, each guild member can choose a single squad or maybe two that they can set as their defensive node, and the reward is maybe a small handful of credits or maybe the Ally points you use to get random boxes. No serious rewards, just a way to spend some time and have another energy pool to spend after your daily quests are done. Its essentially just a fun way to challenge fellow guildies and see if you can best their defensive team of choice. If no team is chosen or placed for defensive, the computer just auto sets the first 5 characters on your roster when sorted by power.

This isnt really a concrete idea yet, so i am open to suggestions on ways this might possibly work, but ive heard from a few players that they would love the chance to challenge their guild members to a 1V1 or have some way to test their mettle against a friend/ally

I also think it would be a good way to help guild members discuss TW strategy and test out Meta squads, like if i wanted to test Old Daka, Zombie, Baze, Chirrut, Ewok Elder, i could put it up and let my guildies give me feedback on how trolly or hard it was to defeat.


Now that i think about it, just like 10 raid tickets per fight and maybe 100-400 credits would be a great reward for fighting my own guild members and vice versa,
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