What characters should you go for?

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I understand that many newer players are left wondering which characters are the best to start out with. There are many playable characters to use at your disposal, but knowing who to upgrade and who to not is extremely important in player progression. Use this discussion to find advice and guidance in on your player journey


  • https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/207996/tips-for-anyone-under-a-million-gp

    Above is a post I wrote, might help out in some ways for you.

    As far as a farming priority, I would focus on episode 9 content. JTR, C3P0. Bounty hunters are always a huge addition and plus for new players, as well as whatever we can guess will be required for Old man Luke or any related episode 9 legendaries (palpatine, for instance).

    If I were starting out right now I would be farming GG squad, 501st, First Order, C3P0, BH (with Bossk/Jango), R2D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo, JTR, BB8, Emperor Palpatine, Bastila (Fallen). That isn't in any specific order.

    If you are literally day 1, Start with EP, R2D2, BB8, go from there.
  • I am somewhere around day 600- 700. I was just going to start sharing some of my own techniques, didn’t have the time at the moment to get started
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    STEP 1
    • I’d still say Phoenix first to unlock EP, Thrawn, Help get Chimaera and 2 Jedi.
    • Don’t gear them more than is needed to get 7* Thrawn.
    • Darkside I would want an Empire Team to unlock R2D2

    STEP 2
    • From here you want to farm CLS requirements. He’s still a very good character!
    • You also NEED to be in a guild that’s doing HAAT, and ideally Sith raid tier 5+ regularly (max tickets)
    • This let’s you get Han, and GK.

    STEP 3
    • BHs have to be in here —> Chewie, Events, Ships and MFalc
    • Jedi to unlock GMY makes a lot of sense too —> Kanan, Ezra, Old Ben + 2 more.
    • Bastila should also be on farm to be your initial Jedi lead and also because she’s needed for Revan.

    That’s enough to get started with.

    The above unlocks: EP, Thrawn, R2D2, CLS, Chewie, GMY and also helps with Chimaera and MFalc.

  • JKR (get yoda while farming jedi) then DR then Malak then GG then Padmé then C3PO then GAS.

    Then Thrawn then R2 then CLS then BH then Chewie then Palp (palp and yoda are super easy u dont need to wait too long for them)

    Then BB8 then JTR

    also, NS are pre nice.

    This is a solid 2 years worth :p
  • The first thing you should do, as a new player, is decide what kind of player you want to be: someone highly focused on becoming the best at a single aspect of the game, or someone who wants a little more flexibility at the cost of competitive edge.

    The focused player is generally going to build one team to completion at a time--or a variety of characters if they've chosen to excel in fleet--and try to anticipate the next meta based on what is being released and what has been announced. They'll ignore the classic route--Nix -> Thrawn/Palpatine -> R2D2 -> CLS--in favor of building the latest (or the next) meta team. They're probably more focused on PvP and don't mind taking a hit in PvE utility if it means success in Arena, GAC, and/or TW.

    The flexible player is going to be someone switching between teams based on their goals. These are players that will probably go for the legendary characters first--they'll probably take the classic route--just because going for those characters will give them a solid base of teams to choose from and utilize in various areas of the game (maximum utility for the resources expended). They're probably a little more focused on PvE--a wider collection will support PvE-based play better, depending on your level of investment in those teams--but will probably still try in PvP (think about the rewards, bro!).

    (I'm a flexible player; I prefer to have a large number of teams that are effective for whatever I usually need them for; I'm a bit more PvE focused, on average my teams are at a lower gear tier than many of my 3 mil+ peers, and I'm still using JKR in the Arena. I've also been slacking on fleets for months now--and I'm still procrastinating on fixing that--so don't do that even if you have a pretty uncompetitive shard like I do.)

    Once you have decided what kind of play you'd prefer (or which side you lean towards) it's time to take a look at the basics you simply need to have to make your life a bit easier: a light side team, a dark side team, a team of scoundrels, and a whole bunch of dark side ships (6 + Executrix at 5* for the first zeta level, 6* for the second). If you have strong allies and a decent team composition you won't need to take your light side, dark side, scoundrels, and dark side pilots higher than G8 to three star LS/DS battles, credit heists, and the fleet challenge (you may need to go a bit higher for the last level of the fleet challenge, but you will have access to zetas with G8 pilots). You do not need to worry about star levels (except for the ships in fleet challenges) if your primary concern is just being able to three star these levels (you will need 5*+ for mod challenges, and at least one 7* for raids).

    Now, let's take a look at the Legendary/Journey/Clash characters and what you're realistically looking at investing in order to get them (I guess I'll also mention TB/raid characters):
    Legendary characters require a team made up of a specific faction and unlock at five stars. Each tier is restricted based off star level and you will need the full team at seven stars in order to seven star your desired Legendary.

    Grand Master Yoda:
    Jedi. G6/G7 min.

    Yoda is the earliest Legendary released and the easiest; you can get him on the side as you build towards other characters without much thought at all.

    Emperor Palpatine:
    Rebels. G7/G8 min.

    Palpatine was released second and is about as easy as Yoda. Unless you have a bunch of rebels laying around, build Nix in order to get him with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    Empire. G8 min.

    R2-D2 can be a bit tricky--but not exactly difficult--if you weren't successful in getting Palpatine and Thrawn in time and had to rely on back-up characters. Don't be afraid to steal mods from your arena team in order to get it done.

    First Order. G8 min.

    Opt for a Kylo Ren (Unmasked) lead and only waste resources on Phasma if you think you might need her as a filler (I'd recommend all three of the FO in Cantina, FOO in the Cantina Store, and SFTFP in the Guild Store). KRU and og Kylo make it pretty easy.

    Grand Admiral Thrawn:
    Nix. G8/G9 min.

    If you're going in at under level 85 you're going to want to compensate with gear and omegas. Thrawn is the most difficult of the early Legendaries, so steal arena mods as needed.

    Nix + Rebel ships. G8/G9 min.

    This event was a thing before Ships 2.0, so select your support ships with their reinforcement abilities in mind. Bring Biggs at the very least.

    Ewoks. G10/11 Min. Zeta recommended.

    Mine were G10, except for Paploo who I pushed to 11. I'd recommend skipping Teebo and Scout unless you think you might need a back up character (I did it with Scout). You'll probably need to give Chripa his zeta.

    Bounty Hunters. G11/12 min. Zeta recommended.

    Hardest of the later Legendaries. You'll want Bossk--who you will probably need to zeta--and Dengar to keep this event from becoming a total clusterbleep. Jango is also highly recommended.

    Millenium Falcon:
    Bounty Hunter Ships

    Remember how I said I was slacking on ships? Falcon is the only Legendary I'm still missing, so I have no idea how hard the event is. I assume if your Boba Fett and Bossk are ready for Chewbacca you don't need to worry about the other two so much.

    Padme Amidala:
    Separatists. G11/12 min.

    Go in with Bugs, droids under Grievous, or a Nute lead and she's pretty easy (honestly, easiest of the later Legendaries). I did it at G11 without any zetas under a Nute lead.

    Journey characters require specific characters at seven stars in order to unlock (the earlier two require Legendaries). They unlock at seven stars.

    Commander Luke Skywalker:
    Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), R2-D2. G8/G9 Min.

    If you're going to take any of these characters beyond G8, it'd best be R2-D2 and Han (and don't take Han too high; he isn't really useful for that much).

    Rey (Jedi Training):
    Rey (Scavenger), Finn, Veteran Smuggler Han, Veteran Smuggler Chewie, BB-8

    You only need to take Rey or Finn past G8 (I did it with Rey at G9).

    Jedi Knight Revan:
    Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, T3-M4, Mission Vao, Zaalbar.

    You only need Bastila and Jolee over G8 (I'd recommend G10+ for those two).

    Darth Revan:
    Bastila Shan (Fallen), Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, Juhani, HK-47.

    I did it with a G11 Bastila, a G10 HK, G9 Juhani and Carth, and G8 Canderous. I had to upgrade Juhani to get past T6, and probably could have managed without Carth at G9.

    Clash Characters require multiple teams--made up of specific characters--at seven stars to meet a minimum power threshold to proceed. These characters unlock at five stars and require Guild Event currency in order to complete (~65-70k tokens, I believe).

    Darth Malak:
    Jedi Knight Revan, Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, Mission Vao, Zaalbar, T3-M4 (choose four of the latter). 17.5k+ Power.
    Darth Revan, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, Juhani, HK-48 (choose four of the latter). 17.5k+

    This event was released prior to relic modifiers. You're looking at, just to meet the power threshold, G12+ possibly with zetas. I'm told Mission's zeta can be detrimental, so keep that in mind. I don't have personal experience with this event (too much investment for one character).

    General Skywalker:
    Ships: Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter, Galactic Republic Capital Ship (Endurance/Negotiator), three other Galactic Republic ships (40k+)
    Padme Amidala, General Kenobi, Shaak Ti, C-3PO, Ahsoka Tano (17.7k+)
    Asajj Ventress, B1 Battle Droid, B2 Super Battle Droid, Droideka, IG-100 Magnaguard (17.7k+)

    The requirement for a 7* capital ship will slow a lot of people down (event only gives 15 at a time, refresh is 700 or 800 crystals, and the pack is only another 10).

    This event was released after relics, and most people found it difficult enough to require them (especially the dark side portion). I don't have personal experience with this event, either (but I'm hoping to give it shot the next time it comes; ironically this aligns more closely with my farming goals).

    Territory Battle:
    You need your guild's help to get these characters:

    Rebel Officer Leia Organa:
    Light Side, Hoth or GGET; Needs: 5* Hoth Rebel Soldier, (5* Captain Han was removed from the requirements due to bugs, but CG said they'd bring him back eventually).

    G8 on HRS is fine, just bring a couple stronger rebels that you should already have to compensate for him.

    Imperial Probe Droid:
    Dark Side, Hoth or GGET; Needs 5* General Veers, 5* Colonel Stark, 5* Imperial Troopers

    I'd recommend at minimum G10 (and even then you'll die sometimes if you aren't paying attention or unlucky). Be careful of counters in 1/2 if you're going in with lower gear.

    Wat Tambor:
    Dark Side, Geonosis; Brood Alpha and Geonosians. 7* and 17k power threshold (I believe?)

    Haven't been able to try this one with my baby Brood Alpha yet, but a guildmate with G12+ bugs got destroyed.

    Hermit Yoda:
    GET, unlocks at 5 stars.

    GET, unlocks at 5 stars.

    GGET, unlocks at 5 stars.

    Raid Characters:
    Rewarded from Heroic guild raids; you'll need at least one 7* character to get rewards.

    Han Solo
    Heroic Rancor reward, unlocks at 5 stars.

    General Kenobi
    Heroic AAT reward, unlocks at 5 stars.

    Darth Traya
    Heroic Sith Triumvirate reward, unlocks at 5 stars.

    If you're a more flexible player, I'd say an optimal start looks like the classic route: Nix -> Thrawn/Palpatine -> R2-D2 -> CLS, with a pivot towards Hunters for Chewbacca (especially if you care about Fleets at all), and then deciding which of the Clash characters you prefer (Malak works well at 5*, GAS not so much) which will decide whether or not you work on JKR/DR or Padme/3PO. What your guild is doing in Territory Battles might also have an influence; if your guild is focusing on Geonosis GAS is much more in line with what you're working on than Malak is.

    You could certainly throw optimal out the window and prioritize collecting the other Legendary characters over the Clash characters (I mean, BB-8 is a great raid character and First Order ships are pretty nice to have).

    If you're more focused player and your primary goal is to be King of the (Grand/Fleet) Arena you're looking to predict what the next meta will be, and you'll be picking up teams that are currently or recently meta on the side. You'll probably want to hang out in the Arena Character discussion forum, in PVP-focused Discords, and pay attention to which teams people seem to have the most trouble with in TW because those are the teams you're shooting for (so you'll probably be going right for JKR/DR with a side of Padme/3PO and clones/bugs; if you're into fleets you'll be going right for Chewie/Falcon and you'll probably be trying to get a guild doing Geonosis TB).

    The meta didn't shift too much with Episode 8--JTR was in the arena for a month maybe? First Order had more staying power in my shard than she did--and Solo, so I'm not expecting Episode 9 to change much for long. You'll have a better idea of what's coming based off what's being released and where it's being put once it becomes F2P accessible (it seems like everything on ship nodes is important).

    This is getting tediously long, so I'll end this here.

    Here is a resource that I found very helpful as an early/mid-game player (I use it a lot less now): [Reddit Character Farming Spreadsheet] <- that's a link btw
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    Even with all the new shinies we have now, it's hard to argue with the Phoenix ---> Empire ---> CLS route. After that I think it's pretty much dealer's choice although it probably still makes sense to go for the older legendaries first; they may not be as godly as they once were, but the rapidly-increasing difficulty of legendary events makes it hard to just skip straight to somebody like Padme.

  • Jarvind wrote: »
    Even with all the new shinies we have now, it's hard to argue with the Phoenix ---> Empire ---> CLS route. After that I think it's pretty much dealer's choice although it probably still makes sense to go for the older legendaries first; they may not be as godly as they once were, but the rapidly-increasing difficulty of legendary events makes it hard to just skip straight to somebody like Padme.


    The reason for that route more than any other factor IMHO is that all those teams have entire 5 man set ups that you can get access to in the first 40 levels.

    For everyone that says GG, NS, Geos, JKR, DR, they are forgetting that each of those teams has members that won't be unlock-able till L60-85 & even then might be very long farms (DR)

    Stuff like Phoenix, First Order, CLS Rebels, & Scoundrels(BH) all can be formed from low zone farm nodes.
    Empire meanwhile basically fills itself with 4 Free/Event characters so you only need to have farmed 1 up from low level node. (Usually TFP or one of the Tanks)

    Also, the older events are doable with G7-9 v/s the newer ones where you need G10-12.

    Those extra gear levels take a long time to farm & those L85 nodes are going to take a long time to get to 7* so you might as well hold off doing the rest of those teams till your L85.

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