Selling or Donating Sim Tickets

I know that the Game developers had allowed players to earn 100's of Sim tickets for players in Fleet Arena earnings, but because we stock up on more than we can count, why not have a way to reduce the amount of tickets to either use on things effective like 1000 for 1 gem, or allow us to send out amounts to random players under 1000?

That way, newer players who are low levels, but can still hold onto or store sim tickets until they unlock the ability to use them, can have additional help.

I mean, look at how much you get for 30 gems, only about 20. You could either buy gems to use them for that, or save them up for something better.

If we could either use them to convert into like 1000 tickets for a gem, or give them to players, it will help out in a few ways. Because of the fact credits are the Challenge, and tickets aren't, we could make more use of them by converting a 100th or 1000th of tickets into a gem or two, enabling us to cash in, and have just a little our way.

For most of us, we'd probably get like 60 or 70 gems based on our tickets in stock.
Or just allow other players to take our extras and be able to use them when we aren't able to all at once...

Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?


  • I remember the last time they came up with an idea that the CG accepted, and that's jawa scavenger. The intention of the players was probably to switch from 4 to 5 stun guns in the amount of maybe 100 to 1 or something.

    Did that happen? No. They have turned unused equipment into a limited relic resource, which uses high quality relic equipment 5, 6, and 7 and the players' original proposal has been lost.

    Suggestions like this are the same as socialism, it's beautiful in theory and speech and hell in reality.
  • Kyno
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    Sim tickets were an issue back in the day and the easiest solution, since they were so engrained in every aspect of the game, was to flood the market.

    This was intentional and you are supposed to have a huge stockpile, they likely have no intention to do anything with them for this reason.
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