Help Making Maul Good

First off, I know maul isnt the meta anymore but hes my favorite character so I want to make him as good as possible. In GAC my defense team with him is either zaul, zavage, SA, SM, and ST or nest instead of ST.

I want to use old ben instead of ST and nest so I can use them elsewhere. And if I give him both zetas, he'll be hard to get around with his double auto taunt and when he finally dies, he'll give the team that sweet prot & health buff plus speed and offense up plus turn meter. In my head, this will make this team become viable in GAC and will be underestimated. What are your thoughts? I dont want to sacrifice nest. AND I dont know how I should mod maul. I plan on taking him to R7 but should I give him offense mods? All health? Crit dmg and crit chance? Protection? It's hard for me to figure out the best balance between damage and survivability along with his unique. Please help, I gotta make maul good again.
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