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What I am doing wrong? I build 4 stacks of armor shread, take 3/4 jedi(cant make it in time to take out all 4, he always take 1), than I take his hp under 60%, he heals himseft, I take him again and than he heals again, take out all my toons.i had better attempts but I took video of this(result always same endless loop of healing)


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    I wouldn’t worry about it, they are breaking, I mean fixing the event..

    But ahnauld has done a very good video for light side if you want to go watch it.
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    Hi, I think you should try and not to get him enraged. And have JKR modded for high damage.
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    Hit the droids as you can! Make armour shred as many as you can.
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    Yes armour shred! Aim for at least 4 stacks.
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    And let malak "feed" crit immunity!
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    Give Revan as much damage as possible, not crit damage! His speed is secondary
    Give Bastila second highest damage with good speed
    Make Zaalbar as fast as possible, everything else is irrelevant
    Make Jolee as tanky as possible with speed secondary
    Mission or T3 aren't really needed

    Always give Bastilas buffs to Zaalbar to speed him up
    Always use Jolees heals to remove debuffs from Zaalbar and granting him protection up
    Always use Zaalbars armor shred off cooldown on Malak

    Start with attacking the first tub to the left. After that go for droids until they're both gone. Start killing the second tub in the left, after that droids again. If you have Zaalbars basic omega you want Malak to absorb both tubs on the right side, just stall that as much as possible, focus on drods and never let Zaalbar use his basic on Malak. Avoid Revans AOE on all cost and never bring yourself in the situation not being able to focus Malak when armor shred is off cooldown!

    In best case you're having some armor shreds on Malak when both tubs on the left are gone with low enrage stacks. Start attacking the crit immunity tub until it has lower health, make Malak absorb it. Kill droids again until both are gone at the same time. If you have 5 stacks of armor shred at that point kill the tenacity tub, if not let Malak absorb it and get to these 5 stacks (at minimum). When all tbs are gone and you don't have at least said 5 stacks restart the battle.

    If you have 5 stacks start focussing attacks. Let Bastila give her buffs to Revan, save Revans mass assist. You need to get Malak below 50% health (aka into the yellow) and be able to get high damage that he can't heal back above it. Full focus fire from that point.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks guys! Changed mods from super fast to full offence on most toons and did it very easy.
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