Fulchrum (TW 147W:7L; Geo TB 25*/11*)

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207M GP; Central European Time
Discord (optional): https://discord.gg/JYeXfBZ

All raids 24h/join. hSTR - FFA; hAAT & hPit (sim)
DS Geo TB: 25* Wat Tambor shards: 21
LS Geo TB: 11* KAM shards: 3
TW (147W:7L)

DS Hoth TB: 46* (last played: February 2021; next: August 2021)
LS Hoth TB: 44* (last played: February 2021; next: August 2021)

1 rule: if you join the TW, you must contribute your best

Looking for active players, 3M GP min, negotiable in case of a very focused roster or Wat / KAM readiness.

pm me here (@Goonie0017) or via Discord (Goonie#0017)
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