What about the people who just unlocked him today?

What about the people who just unlocked him today? You taking him away from us all together?


  • That's **** right there. Wait till Monday though. Even bigger crock of **** right there
  • Refund my money I spent because of it. My time is worth more than 250 crystals too.
    Wow. This sucks
  • I feel like every time i read cgs messages and see them sign the post "see you on the holotables". Then i never see them there or see them post anything ever. I'm reminded of alll the times people say im gonna call and never do....
  • Wait... my brand new shiny 5* Malak is being taken away...??
  • Looks that way
  • But I guess we wait till Monday till we actually find out smh awesome. Get to wait longer for it to come back and spend another few hours trying to get him again
  • Lachie_1 wrote: »
    Wait... my brand new shiny 5* Malak is being taken away...??

    Sadly yes. Those that may have unlocked him legitimately will have to redo their efforts. It's far easier to reset all malaks and compensate players for the mess up than it would be to review potentially hundreds of millions of accounts worldwide to determine every possible scenario that a player may have taken advantage of the event. It definitely sucks but this is the correct decision.

    Granted this mess up should not have happened to begin with but accidents happen.

    Was never a possibility that cg would let the shards stand and give people get 1. Pipe dreams really.
  • I’m in the same camp. I spent four hours this morning getting the right RNG and finally unlocked him at 7AM. Now they want me to do that all over again. Not to mention the money spent gearing the characters up to complete the event. CG you need to clarify this pronto!
  • They said in their post the event will be rescheduled shortly, you can unlock him again soon.
  • Kyno
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    Perro wrote: »

    CG once again screws over the non whales


    Everyone who unlocked him (or completed part this round) will be left alone.

    They are only going to effect people who double dipped.
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