Why compensation only for the 7* Malaks?

It was recently said that those who have a 7 star Malak and did NOT receive shards this time around will be getting shard shop currency. Those who don’t have him at 7 will not. And then there’s the grey area of those who have enough shards to take him to 7 and haven’t upgraded him, or those who are short by less than 150 shards, and would therefore be going beyond 7 stars after receiving 150 shards from the event. Will they get currency, too? They would have if they had just played the event today.
Most importantly, though (and my main point for writing this)... why are those that do not have malak at 7 stars not getting the same rewards -or more rewards- as those who do? The ones without 7 star Malaks are the ones who are most hurt by the event being pulled. I unlocked Malak the first time and have had him at 100% for quite awhile, so it doesn’t affect me personally, but this is holding back a few of my guildmates. They certainly deserve to get more out of this fiasco than I do. They’ve been working tirelessly to get ready for the event. Some have used tons of resources to quickly prepare for the event, and could have saved hundreds or thousands of crystals if they had known the event was to be postponed. They’re the ones who should be getting something out of this. Just a something to consider when trying to fix issues like this in the future. Or you could’ve just let the event continue and let people keep their shards. The meta’s already shifted, anyways.


  • They really screwed themselves when they cut the event short. Say half played it and half didnt. Now they have a situation that is unscrewable to be Frank. They should have played it out. If the game was only f2p, no problem, only p2p, slight problem. But truly they need to take a knee, give everyone the malak shards regardless, and call that a loss. They will make it up on Jedi Knight Luke... if they ever release him
  • People sre forgetting this is computer generated materials they dont have to build it store it or ship it. It cost them very little to let it go. A majority of the community will be happy then.
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