Shame of Malak

Now that we've made it up to the relics, do you take away everything?
If you do not repay us the money spent, thousands of my friends players will retire.
Me too.
I spent 60 euros to raise it and hundreds more for relics.
You are destroying thousands of guilds, this game will be abandoned for your bugs and because instead of fixing things you do more damage than before.
You are totally incapable of managing a game.
Do you want a few thousand screen players who have spent money to withdraw and are only waiting for 22?
We have lost money if you do not give them back.
You will lose tens of thousands of players if you do.
I have the screens, do you want to see them?
I am disgusted by the inability and stupidity with which you do not know how to solve problems and cause them.
We are all speechless, bitter, disappointed and with little desire to talk.

You have taken away the desire to play all the top players
Do you want a few thousand screens?
It is I who lead the guild revolt and incite withdrawal.

250 crystals in exchange for spending 5,500, monye espends, thousands of Get Mk 1 and thousands of fragments in the store?
But are you serious or are you totally mad?
You now repay my expenses.
I repay 5,500 crystals.
I repay the money.
I repay the gears
I also repay the time I spent .... and perhaps the tens of thousands of people who are writing to me will retire without going through legal channels.

And stop deleting my discussions and my answers ... I'm so stirring up Twitter, Facebook, Discord and other places where I have a lot more following than here and I'm being written by thousands of people who don't want to play anymore if you make them lose AGAIN money


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    I'd like to state that i too think the way they decided to 'fix' the issue is not the best solution.

    With that being said, I can't feel sorry for anyone that chose to spend to speed gear Malak. GAC was already live, so was TW and the new TB hasn't started yet. The only immediate gain of speed gearing was arena. Was it worth 60 euros to get a more competitive team in arena a day (or few days earlier) given that you've probably been running your non-G12/13 Malak team for quite a while? What would a few more hours have mattered?

    Since there was no early communication whether the shards being given is inteded or not, nevertheless it looked like a bug (they would have announced it before tge event if their intention was to elevate GET crunch this way), there was no logical reason to immediately gear him.

    It's on you that you couldn't wait a few more hours to plug your geared up Malak in arena. You already get the proper compensation by having the gear refunded, every other investment was your choice.
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    I agree that those who spent money made the choice, but we did so in good faith. Are we to expect that this event, which had already rolled around twice without issue, was to behave erratically this third time? Should we second guess every event any time they change something? Sure, it was weird that the shards were easily available, but this came on the heels of the next meta character event being finished. I naively believed that CG was allowing people to catch up or close gaps. Sure you can say I was dumb for believing it, but that's what the reward screen said this time. I'm still not sure why *this* event was bugged and not the previous.
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    Would be interesting to know how much money they earned with that bug. They will reroll the game accounts but for sure not the money.
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    My Malak was 80/85 before yesterday event. When I saw the shards as a reward I immediately though it was a bug. However, I played and won and upgraded Malak to 7 stars and also I had shard shop currency. Then, I stopped doing anything on Malak, waiting for Dev’s communication.
    So, from my point of view, gearing up a fresh 7* Malak (with money!!) was made at own risk.
    On the other hand, we only had the suspect that it was a bug, we had no official news for hours (from 9:00 am to dinner time, here in Europe).
    So I sincerely think that a company like EA is seriously exposed to legal request for millionaire compensation ....
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    the message arrived on the game 24h hours after central European time and after 10 hours from the CG always central European time.

    We are thousands of players who want their money back.
    We're all about to quit the game.
    The fragments were in the prizes in the 4 days before the event, 75 of them were placed in the match.
    It is not a bug, someone put them there, otherwise they would have been in the same amount as the unlock.
    And anyway, they had 4 days to notice it and they didn't.
    They sent a message from the GC almost 12 hours after the event in central Europe time zone and not on the game.
    The game arrived 24 hours later.
    Now if the shards are taken away from me, I want it back
    - money
    - 5500 crystals
    - i get 1 spent on the gears and currencies of the fragment shop and the guild shop spent on malak.

    They made me miss a 4M profile last year, 3 years old and they didn't do anything!
    GAs don't work!
    You kick yourself out of the game all the time!
    Sure I will make bad publicity for EA, both on my Facebook page and on my friends, as well as on my Youtube channel and on those friends.
    None of us will buy anything from EA and it is right for everyone to be notified.
    We are leaving the game in tens of thousands of players if they remove the shards without total refunds.
    250 crystals? Are we joking?
    But are you kidding us ???
    Give us what we spent!
    Looks like you did it just to steal our money!
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    you talk about risk after 4 days that the fragments were in the rewards ??
    Risk of what?
    Of the madness of the CG?!?
    It seems strange that after introducing another goal for other Get 1 after Wampa, Yoda Hermit and now GAS, it is impossible for them to simplify it by giving up fragments of Malak?

    But are you there with your head?
    Think of it as you like, here are thousands of guilds that I want to quit the game.
    Some of my companions have already done so today after the message.
    Others are about to do it now.

    it was a real theft to take the money if they do not repay.
    And I swear on the grave of my family, that every player will be informed of what EA does in case they don't reimburse EVERYTHING!
    Between channely YouTube friends of mine all over the world, must for many gamers and pages on social networks, EA will lose most of the titles soon if it takes away the shards and does not reimburse EVERYTHING.

    If you have waited patiently, I have to compete in the arena with all Malak R7s and there are 500 crystals a day that I lose if I didn't raise it immediately.
    I was at -30 fragments with 3,000 Get 1, it wouldn't have cost me to wait to do the next 30 stars on Geonosis to raise it.
    I'm only losing 500 crystals a day while I waited, which is why I raised it.
    60 euros and I would have returned first at the end of the OP.
    Now we lose money, crystals, gears, Get, Currencies guild and currencies shards ???

    If they are not thieves they must repay through Google.
    Sure as the gold I will release videos on the 22nd and publish on the blog.
    It is up to them to choose the final part of the ruin
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    now if one does not perfectly anticipate all the errors I have seen in these four years and follows a logical thread is it a reckless one?
    You have to guess when they are wrong, when there are other bugs and those few times that everything is ok?
    But you're kidding right?

    We are at the point of withdrawal, visit my pages and you will see how many thousands of people we are only in Europe.

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    I don't think you are going to resolve anything by empty threats, backed up only by some imaginary channels, websites and blogs with a made up number of supporters.
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